Illuxcon Prep In Full Swing

Saturday, November 7, 2009

In hi gear for Illuxcon. November 12-15.
I'll have a booth at the Saturday night collectors event at the Ramada. That's where everyone stays anyway. If you're into fantasy/sci-fi art this is the not-to-miss con. period.
Here's the rundown of the panels that I want to hit.
Round Table: The Art of Self-Promotion
Donato Giancola, Ruth Sanderson, Caniglia, Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell
(OMG! look at the rundown)

Collaborative Sculpting Demonstration
Jordu Schell (this guy just cracks me up!) & Tom Kuebler

Round Table: Working in the Video Game Industry
Robh Ruppel, Ben Thompson, Jeremy Cranford, Daren Bader (just got his book at SDCC!)

Painting the Portrait: An Oil Demonstration
Donato Giancola

Round Table: Art Director FAQ
Jon Schindehette, Robh Ruppel, Ben Thompson, Jeremy Cranford, Lou Anders

Inside the Skull
Brom (!!!!!)

Collaborative Oil Painting Demonstration
Don Maitz, Jeff Easley, Volkan Baga, Dan Dos Santos

I won't need any sugary drinks for a week!
I'm generating a bunch of 13 x 19 prints. If you want to order one for yourself let me know. I'm using this awesome MOAB Entrada paper.

N.A.I.L.S. Holiday art Show December 5-6.
Neighborhood Artists in Logan Square. Be there or be square. [ok! moving on]
I'll be there with a lot of original oils and prints. And informing everyone about my life drawing sessions.

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