Shoddy Lynn DJ Booth

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just thought I'd chime in an post a pic of my latest. This was my last commission for San Fransisco-based DJ Shoddy Lynn.

Also, as a note to all TOJO figure drawing artists...please contact us if you would like to post your work to this blog. We want to see what you're doing. Figure drawing or otherwise.


Apple Seeds

Friday, July 16, 2010
From Aaron Miller | Illustrator | Designer

Oil on panel. about 6x6.

When painting anything remember "the seeds". Keep in mind that objects you are painting have an interior. That it is not a flat shape with a dark and a light side with a highlight somewhere. try to keep in mind the three dimensional space the object takes up.

Figure Study No. 167 and 168

Thursday, July 15, 2010
From Aaron Miller | Illustrator | Designer

From Aaron Miller | Illustrator | Designer

These two quick studies were from the Illustration Master Class. The first was a 10 minute study and the second was about 30 minutes. Both oil on gessoed panel.

Plein Air City Painting Workshop - Day Two and Three

Sunday, July 11, 2010
From Aaron Miller | Illustrator | Designer

Day Two:
We spent day two at the busy, busy six corners area of Wicker Park. The area has a six corners intersection, an el stop and a park with the block. Very much a deep end of the pool to paint in environment wise. Scott did a demo across from the park painting down a shady street. After the demo and a quick bite to eat at Sultan's Market for some falafel sandwiches I choose a spot under the el tracks in a very high traffic area. If you are not used to painting in public this can be very overwhelming. I quickly became more involved with trying to capture the scene in front of me rather than worry about people looking over my shoulder. I scrapped down 3-4 panels though that day. It was all about the learning process for me but Scott kept wanting me to keep my failed attempts.

Day Three:
We met at another six corners location at Grand, Milwaukee and Halsted. People from Chicago might know that's where the Funky Budah Lounge is. After the mornings demo I found a great spot near some overhead train tracks and an unexpected view of the Sears (Willis) Tower. After three days I was able to put everything into action and I managed to not scrape this one down.
There are some interesting things that you pretty much do for any painting you approach but that are really key for painting on location. Really locking in your composition really is key. Once you start painting the world keeps spinning and the light moves. So, once you've locked some stuff in you can still capture the original scene. And repeating patterns is really key as well. We're talking about things that keep moving, like people and cars. But, they will keep showing in in the spots you want them to! The car for instance is 2-3 cars over the course of the painting. I was bummed the first time it moved and I only had a few details painted. But 10 minutes later another similar car took it's place, and another an hour later.

Painting in the city is fun but its one of the most challenging things as a painter you can do.

Podcast Episode 7 - The Interviews

Friday, July 9, 2010

Episode 7 is LIVE!
Music Zoe Keating: Listen to her music here.

This week, we have a supersized interview spectacular, with Illustration Masterclass instructors and students alike as well as an illustrator turned author.  Want to hear about Julie Bell's new artist venture?  Or how about Wizards of the Coast's Jeremy Jarvis' "magic pencil"?  Tune in right here.

Listen to Episode 7

Illustration MasterClass 2010

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Plein Air City Painting Workshop - Day One

Yesterday I started a 4 day workshop with my friend and former classmate Scott Tallman Powers. We spent the morning in Uptown watching a few demos and went over some key tips specific to painting in the city outdoors. Even covering how to deal with people.

After we broke for lunch I got started on a few value studies pieces. A great way to break into the comfort zone of painting outside and getting a longer painting session started off right. You can either use an umber or black for the two color value study.

Photo of Scott during his demo.

Podcast Episode 6

Sunday, July 4, 2010
Episode 6 is live!

Music again from Bluetech: Listen to his music here.

This week, we discuss how to stay sharp, and motivated. Great tips for people breaking in, and great perspective to keep you moving!

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Laurie Reading at the Rookery

From Drawn Today

after a total fail at a landscape pencil/watercolor i decided to just do a little sketch of Laurie. The Rookery at Lincoln Park Zoo is a Chicago Geode. On of those place that 99% of the people just walk past and don't even know it's there. It's a lilly pond attached to the zoo.

As for the "fail", I simply needed more time to mess around with the pencils than time would allow for light conditions. I was wishing I had my oils to paint with.

Tarzan and La of Opar commission - Thumbnail phase

Thursday, July 1, 2010
From Aaron Miller | Illustrator | Designer
I am working on a new Tarzan painting and I thought I'd share the process. Here are the submitted thumbnails. The large one on the bottom os the one we are going with. I will be presenting the painting to the buyer at Illuxcon. I'm really looking forward to finally getting to this. I've listened to about 4 of the Tarzan books to really get a feel for the Burroughs' Tarzan. And its quite a bit different than the Tarzan most have been presented with. I really like a few of the other thumbnails. Enough that they will end up as paintings of one sort or another.